"Without equal access to the law, the system not only robs the poor of their only protection, but it places it in the hands of their oppressors the most powerful and ruthless weapon ever created." - Reginald Heber Smith
I will thoroughly discuss the facts of your case and the law with you. I will identify your case’s weaknesses and strengths. I will prepare a case plan on how to best move forward to quickly and successfully resolve your case.

I incorporate a professional litigation team of paralegals, private investigators, accident reconstructionalists, and computer forensic experts to thoroughly evaluate, prepare and present a winning defense.

As an experienced trial attorney, with 17 years of courtroom experience, I have successfully represented clients in hundreds of trials, and hearings. I know what juries and judges must understand and believe, for your defense to win. Most importantly, I know how to talk to prosecutors and convince them that your charges should be dismissed.
I am a successful trial lawyer because I listen to my clients. I accurately evaluate all of the evidence. I know and understand the law. Together with my legal knowlege and litigation skills I prepare and present winning defenses to judges, juries and prosecutors.